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Experts in bronze casting

Industrial Okendo SA. de C.V. is a 100% Mexican company that has been manufacturing non-ferrous metal for more than 20 years. The high level of quality that we achieve by strictly maintaining international standards has allowed us to become Mexico’s number one manufacturer of non-ferrous metals.

Using the continuous casting method to manufacture our products enables us to meet the diverse demands of our customers. We use the most advanced systems in the world to remove the oxygen, obtaining a better microstructure by preventing shrinkage and porosity, and reducing waste. Metals produced by continuous casting have superior mechanical properties and are more durable than those produced by sand casting, permanent mould casting, and centrifugal casting.

We pride ourselves on being an ethical company, focused on quality and productivity through teamwork. Our farsighted attitude towards our employees, customers and suppliers has enabled us to establish highly efficient, technology-based industrial and commercial networks.

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